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This is a great week to get started on your I.E.’s (Individual Events) for districts!

PLEASE begin working on scenes, songs, and tech events!! We would like to bring all that we can to districts this year so that we can WOW them with our talent even more than ever before.

-> Make sure you see Mrs. Waal and talk to her if you’re not sure if or what you might want to do. (Your officers are also always available and ready to help with whatever we can  [= )

This week we are also diving into rehearsals for our small casts of Steel Magnolias and Peter vs. the Wolf.

Such excitement, can you take it?


Last week was the week of the Steel Magnolias auditions.

Audition week is always filled with excitement, nervousness, and a wee bit of tension; and after it was all over, we all felt relieved, whether we are now studying our script or looking ahead to  working on things for districts and the next wonderful show (and the next auditions).

Auditions were very competetive and maybe just a smidge nerve-wrecking. But that is, of course, the spledidity of auditions! [; For all those who were involved, we hope you went away with something under your theatre belt. For those who weren’t involved, you just missed out on an experience, so be sure to come next time. We hope that you all come out for the next auditions (Ordinary People & Fearless Symmetry).

Have a great week!



Beast 214

Hey everyone,

It was great to see all of you guys at the first meeting!

Can you believe we had over 50 people there?

We are planning  an active and fun-filled upcoming 2009-2010 year that will be full of exciting activities.

Check out this site every now and then to see what new posts we have for you; we will be updating all the information so  you will know what’s going on in our little thespian world.

Here is a little dance to show you just how happy we are!